Make sure you ask your health-care team for a baby weigh at the 24-hour mark if you had an IV in labor for more than a few hours. Your baby will have an inflated weight at birth due to your IV fluids, and after 24-hrs has urinated a majority of these out. It can look like rapid weight loss and concern mothers and providers about breastfeeding.

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What is a group of spotted eagle rays called? I believe a group of spotted eagle rays would be called the same as s group of sting rays: a fever Stingray – New World Encyclopedia

Eagle-eyed shoppers have revealed how Tesco customers can spot. The first two digits of the code are the year, the next pair are the month, and the fifth and sixth numbers show the day. A bottle of.

Yelich first to 20 homers, Diamondbacks score 18 runs The Brewers were clinging to a 1-0 lead before Yelich connected with two outs in the ninth, driving a full-count pitch deep to center field . It was the first homer for the reigning NL MVP since.

The Birth Of These Baby Spotted Eagle Rays Will Make Your Mother’s Day Spectacular 2 diggs wholesome animals cute Video Marine biologists help this eagle ray give birth at SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove.

The US Department of the Interior chose their favorite shots of each national park from the Department’s Instagram account, @USInterior ( The gallery above features Isle.

her road. Three types of rays live in Polynesia : the most spectacular and famous member of the family is the giant manta ray that has a wingspan up to 25 feet across; the spotted eagle ray is smaller than the manta ray and is characterized by its black splashes, and finally the sting ray which buries itself in the sand.

Britons are being urged to cut their meals to just 1,600 calories a day and 200 calories for snacks under new health guidelines. They will be told they should limit themselves to 400 calories for.

It’s not unusual to see cownose rays swimming along Sanibel’s shoreline. but this was the first time we witnessed a beautiful spotted eagle ray surfing along the coast near shore today. I got him on video so you can see too! We saw this guy half way between Blind Pass and Bowman’s Beach while participating in the 2012 Coastal Cleanup organized by SCCF.

Best Hot Springs in Colorado | Visit Glenwood Springs | Tour Colorado On Feb. 5, a patient at Valley View Hospital was scheduled for a type of surgery that, while common along the Front Range, was the first time being done in Glenwood Springs. being funded by a.