Before I get into the weeds on why soil amendments, including fertilizer, are not recommended when planting trees, let me first explain that this week I’m talking about landscape perennial trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, cacti, succulents, and vines. I’m not addressing the needs for annual flowers, garden vegetables, or commercial fruit trees.

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Place a layer of soil in the bottom of the bottle. Moisten the soil with water from a spray bottle if it is dry. Add a thin layer of fruit scraps, a thin layer of dirt, a tablespoon of fertilizer, chicken manure or urine, and a layer of leaves.

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 · It was a list of mulches with comments as to the different traits each mulch had. My wife and I used them (pine needs) for years and loved them. We had a good cheap source. My parents home. It seems like people in general do not know pine needles are a great mulch, but they all know pine needles contribute acid to the soil.